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Online Language Lessons

Online Swedish Lessons

SparkSwedish offer tailor-made online Swedish lessons and courses for children, IB students and adults. Our aim is to spark an interest in the Swedish language! 

We specialise in teaching and tutoring IB (International Baccalaureate) students around the world who studies or wants to study Swedish as part of their IB diploma. But we also provide Swedish lessons at all levels, from beginners to advanced. Read more about the different courses offered below.

We offer tailor-made lessons

At SparkSwedish, all lessons are provided by experienced and innovative teachers who adapt their teaching to suit the individual student. Everyone is different and we all learn in different ways, and this is reflected in the teaching. 


We believe that every student is unique and therefore we will work together with you to create a course that suits your needs, interests, and language learning goals.

Swedish lessons and courses


IB Swedish

Do you want to take Swedish as a part of your IB Diploma? Or do you already study an IB Swedish course and want additional tuition? No matter what – we can help.


When studying for the IB Diploma you are encouraged to study your mother tongue, even if the language is not offered at the school where you study. In this case you can take the Swedish A Literature course as a self-taught student with the support of a qualified teacher from SparkSwedish.

IB Swedish Revision Courses

SparkSwedish offer small group and one-to-one online revision courses to prepare you for your IB Swedish Exam. All our revision courses are taught by IB teachers and examiners.


Our revision courses can help you to improve your score through developing the skills needed in the different parts of the exams and teaching constructive exam techniques.

Prepare for TISUS

TISUS is a Swedish test you can take to be eligible to apply to universities in Sweden if you haven’t studied Swedish at secondary school or as a part of your IB Diploma. Read more about TISUS here: (external site).


The TISUS test consists of three parts: reading, writing, and speaking. We can help you prepare for one or all the three parts. Contact us for more information.

Swedish Beginner-Advanced

Do you want to learn Swedish? Or do you already know some Swedish and want to learn more? SparkSwedish offer one-to-one tailor-made lessons.

One-to-one lessons are the most flexible and convenient way to learn a language. Our online Swedish lessons are offered at all levels – from beginner to advanced. 

Contact SparkSwedish

Please contact SparkSwedish with any questions you mat have about our language lessons and courses.

Meet the Teachers

The SparkSwedish team consists of highly experienced and enthusiastic Swedish teachers. We all have different backgrounds and experiences, and we live in different parts of the world. However, one thing we have in common is that we all love to teach Swedish!

Our Aim

Our aim is to spark an interest in the Swedish language! We do this by making language learning enjoyable and helping you in achieving your goals by providing the highest level of language support.

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